Our services

Beartooth Mining & Tunneling specializes in underground hard-rock mining, underground construction and precision blasting.  We employ highly qualified personnel and pride ourselves in quality work completed in a timely manner.


Hard Rock Tunnels For Storage and Security

At Beartooth, we have over a quarter-century of experience in creating underground structures designed for commerce, civil engineering projects, and residential applications. Large or small underground spaces can be created for storage, data security, and the protection of valuables from luxury cars to fine wines.

Basement Expansion & Construction

Do you live in a place where you can't build out or up?  Then build down!  Add sub-basements, an underground pool, garages, or storage to your home.  Out of sight solutions can keep your property historic while adding square footage, or increase the interior appeal of an otherwise constricted property.  For new homes, Beartooth has the tools to excavate through solid bedrock for any purpose.


Underground Shelters (Bunkers)

We offer the design and construction of underground hard-rock shelters which are custom fitted to your shelter site and needs.  Shelters can vary in size and complexity, from a small bunker capable of sheltering a family for a few months to a large underground complex capable of sheltering a large group for years.  Shelters can be equipped with secondary escape-ways, blast doors, air filtration, site water supply, sanitation, storage facilities, defensive structures and more. 


Unlike steel, fiberglass or concrete bunkers which are buried in the dirt, our shelters are mined out of hard rock and reinforced with rock-bolts, shotcrete, steel and concrete. The optimum site for our type of shelter is a remote setting with outcroppings of hard rock (granite, basalt, limestone, dolomite, sandstone, etc.) on site.

Mining & Tunneling

We specialize in underground mine development, underground construction and production mining for small hard-rock metal and non-metal mines.  Our owner is a graduate of the Colorado School of Mines and has 25 years of industry experience.

We have experience in:  underground mine development, ramp and fill stoping, captive slusher stopes, Alimak raises, conventional raises, shaft sinking, shotcrete, concrete liners and underground construction.


Precision Blasting

We have experienced precision blasters on the payroll with experience in:  foundation blasting adjacent to existing residences, heavy-civil construction blasting, blasting for slope stabilization, pipeline ditch blasting and underground blasting in noise/vibration sensitive locations.